Campus da Auga

Important Dates

Date Milestone
2015/03/01 Call for papers
2015/05/15 Submission of proposals for satellite simposiums and seminaries
2015/06/22 Submission of extended abstracts
2015/06/30 Acceptance notification
2015/07/15 Submission camera ready copy
2015/09/23-24 Congress


All final contributions should use one of the following templates:

To submit a contribution to the conference you must previously register at the conference management system we use

In case of problem with the registration and/or submission of your contribution feel free to contact:

Arno Formella


General Information:

  • The extended abstracts can be presented either in English or Spanish.
  • Please, avoid using all-capital-letter words in your contribution, except where strictly necessary (e.g. acronyms).
  • The content of the contribution should not have been published or presented elsewhere.
  • One author should submit at most two abstracts as first author, but can be co-author of more.
  • An extended abstract must not exceed 500 words.

Option 1: Summary of a research project:

  • Objective of the work (hypothesis or problem description)
  • Methods and Results (precise summary of results according to an appropriate statistic evaluation)
  • Discussion (short comments, conclusions and implications).

Option 2: Summary of other work (not strictly research):

  • Topic (short explanation of the basic idea)
  • Method (short description of the project, experience, service, observation, etc.)
  • Conclusions (summary of conclusions and implications).

Option 3: Simposium and satellite seminaries:

  • Please, submit suggestions to the conference organization, before May 15th, 2015.


Oral presentations and posters will be accepted. The contributions should be original and not be published elsewhere. The work should be related preferable to one of the three main topics of the conference (1-3) or be related to general research on water maintaining a connection to the focus of the conference (4).

  1. Mineral and medical water and thermalism
    • Physical and chemical characterization of mineral and thermal water. Hydrogeology
    • Quality control and analysis of water
    • Traditional and modern aspects of water utilization (energy, cosmetics, etc.)
    • Administrative and legal aspects of thermal water exploitation
  2. Heritage and architecture in thermalism
    • Archeological heritage
    • Historical heritage (modern and contemporary periods)
    • Architecture, restauration and revaluation of historical SPAs
    • New architecture for thermalism: projects, challenges, and perspectives
  3. Experimental tourism and thermalism
    • Hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy
    • Thermalism for elderly people
    • Planification and promotion of thermal tourism
    • Management and administration
  4. General research on water related to the focus of the conference
    • Hydraulics
    • Hydrology
    • Energy efficiency
    • Others



    There will be three best paper awards (500€, legal taxes might be applied) and three secondary paper awards (certificate).


    There will be four best poster awards (certificate).

The awards will be annouced during the closing session, winners not being present in the ceremony implicitely reject the award.

Partners / Sponsors / Collaborators: